Customer Information

Tax Free Ordering

If you are travelling overseas and departing the country through Auckland International Airport we can sell to you at the excluding GST prices as shown on this website. The goods are sent to Auckland airport for you to collect once you have cleared immigration.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do I save?

  • All goods sold in NZ are subject to 15% GST, by buying tax free you don’t have to pay the GST. All products on our website show the including GST price. When buying tax free you pay the excluding GST price. 

Q. Are there any fees or minimum order amounts?

  • Due to the costs involved we have a minimum order total of $600 incl GST however there are no additional fees to pay.

Q. How do I calculate the savings?

  • To calulate the savings for tax free purchases, divide the amount by 1.15 this extracts the 15% GST that was applied, be sure to not confuse this with a 15% discount off the advertised price, if you are uncertain please contact us.

Q. Do you offer tax free on all of your products?

  • At this stage we are offering tax free on most of the brands that we carry such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Sigma, Tamron and Olympus. We will inform you during the quoting process if a requested product is not eligable for the full tax free discounted amount.

Q. Can’t I just purchase a camera across the counter and claim the GST back at the airport when I leave?

  • Unfortunately not, while many countries allow you to do this New Zealand isn’t one of them.

Q. What warranties and backup support do I get with buying tax free from Auckland Camera Centre?

  • All camera gear sold by Auckland Camera Centre is sourced through the official factory appointed New Zealand distributors, you will get the full manufacturer’s warranty as offered in NZ with some brands having up to 3 years and our own 5 year extendable warranty if purchased. You also have cover under the Consumer Guarantees Act. If you purchase overseas the warranty is generally valid for the country of purchase and you won’t have any protection or rights under the CGA if the product fails outside of warranty.

Q. How long before I travel do I need to make the purchase?

  • We have to arrange and courier the goods to the airport to be available for your flight so ideally at least 24 hours prior - if it’s less than that please call 09 8494920 and we will see if we can still get your product there in time.

Q. I like to keep the boxes of items I buy ,it's going to be a real pain to carry these for the whole trip.

  • We can only send brand new items we have sold to the airport, if you purchase a new camera bag (tax free as well) we can package the camera up in the new bag and send it to the airport and we will keep the boxes here for you to collect when you get home.

Q. What happens if I get to the airport and my camera is not there?

  • We ensure all orders are hand delivered by either same day urgent courier or dropped off directly by our staff to ensure this doesnt happen, but in the event it did we will get the camera back from the airport and offer you a 100% refund.

Q. Can I purchase tax-free online

  • Your tax-free purchase will need to be organised directly with us. Please phone us on 09 8494920 or email us at

Online Ordering & In Store Terms and Conditions


  • We are unable to instruct our couriers to leave your orders without a signature.

  • Customers must set up an online account to make an online purchase. This is free and helps us provide additional services & security for you.

  • Customers who do not have a purchase history with us must complete a credit card security check before the first order is dispatched (if paying by credit card).  Please see below.

  • Customers will be charged at time of shopping cart check-out and then the order will be processed the following working day as long as your order has no outstanding issues. This is to ensure  we have the stock you have ordered and your freight charge is correct.

  • Orders will be shipped from our Auckland showroom depending on stock availability, orders could take up two days to be dispatched.

  • Our online merchant facility only accepts credit cards issued in New Zealand.



  • All retail prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes (G.S.T)

  • All payments will be processed and charged in New Zealand Dollars, NZD (NZ$)

  • We reserve the right to refuse accepting payment by credit card without any explanation.

  • We only accept VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards. We also accept Q-Card and Farmers credit card but this must be done in store with a 2.5% extra cost to the customer.

  • We only accept cheques in store and reserve the right to refuse them without any explanation. A stand down period will apply to cheques (5 working days upon banking)

  • Currently our website does not support a pick-up in store option. If you wish to reserve something for collection please call our sales team on 0800 624 522 or email



Security Check / Account Verification

There are three easy methods you can choose from to do your secuirty check when purchasing from us. If you are required to do a security check an email will be sent to you soon after you have completed your order explaining in more detail.

1. Credit Card Dynamic Security Code: A unique dynamic code that is specific to you, is generated with every purchase and inserted onto your credit card billing line. This code can be retreived by logging onto your internet banking service and will appear on the line after our company name. Sometimes the billing line will not show on your online banking account for 48 hours. If your order is urgent please use method two.

2. Credit Card "Authorisation Code": This is a dynamic code that is generated by the credit card company everytime you do a transaction. This code is only known to us and the bank. To retreive this code you can call your phone banking and ask for the "authorisation code" for the transaction.

3. Direct Deposit: If you pay with the direct deposit method you will not be asked for verification information (until you choose the credit card option) and dispatch will be immediate upon receipt of your payment.


Simply provide us with either of the codes and your account is verified or use Direct Deposit and no verification is needed.

Normally verification will be done once. However, occasionally and depending on the items being purchased we may ask for re-verification.



Auckland Camera Centre does not offer finance options direct to customers. We reccomend the use of finance companies such as Credit Capable or Flexirent. Please contact us for further details.


Delivery Information

Auckland Camera Centre uses Courierpost for all deliveries within New Zealand. Received orders are charged and processed  the next working day but may take up to two working days to be dispatched depending on order volumes, stock availability and courier collection times. North Island deliveries are next day delivery (from time of dispatch) but rural deliveries take an additional day. South Island deliveries can be next day if you choose South Island express in your delivery options otherwise they take 2-3 working days with another working day for South Island rural deliveries.

For international deliveries we use UPS. Please see our customer information page about purchasing goods from outside New Zealand from us.


International Ordering

Because our shopping cart cannot process credit cards issued outside of New Zealand we have a different procedure for international customers.


If your credit card was issued outside of New Zealand or your delivery address is outside of New Zealand please select the country of origin and we will communicate with you further details on how to purchase from us.


Customer Support

Auckland Camera Centre provides ongoing support for its customers. If you have purchased a product from us and have any problem or require further assistance please contact us as we are always happy to help with anything we are able to.


DSLR Sensor Cleaning Services

Sensor Cleaning Services

Auckland Camera Centre offers premium sensor cleaning services carried out by our own trained in-house expert staff with years of experience.

We use only the best equipment to ensure the most effective sensor cleaning possible.


Please note* in some cases depending on the condition of a sensor, dust or marks may not be able to be removed. All cameras are checked and tested prior

and during the cleaning process with before and after samples saved in our system as reference.


Sensor Cleaning options:

Standard Sensor Clean $65 - Camera sensor clean. 24 hour service (pickup same time next day)

Express Sensor Clean $99 - (Urgent same day service) Camera sensor clean only


Standard WORKS $99 - (Recommended) Camera sensor, chamber, firmware (if applicable), external camera clean. 24 hour service (pickup same time next day)

Express WORKS $149 - (Urgent same day service) Camera sensor, chamber, firmware (if applicable), external camera clean


Please make sure you camera battery is fully charged before bringing us your camera.



Trading in your gear or selling it to us

We will take most modern digital SLR cameras and related lenses, only certain types of film cameras are of interest to us. If you are trading in equipment towards new product you will receive more for it opposed to selling it to us outright. Please speak with David or Nick about trading in your gear today so they can give you a quote. If a quote is given without inspection of the goods, it is conditional of an inspection to ensure everything is working correctly with your equipment.


Warranties, Returns and Refunds

Warranty Information   

Auckland Camera Centre sources Cameras and Lenses only from NZ Authorised agents. None of our Cameras or Lenses are parallel imported. The default duration for warranties on new products is one year. These warranties can be extended (please ask us for details). Used lenses have a three month warranty, used digital cameras, sale on behalf and other items have a 30 day warranty. If you are unsure or have any questions please contact us. Customers should also be aware that by law they are covered by the Consumer Gaurantees Act 1993.


Returns and Refund Information

If you have purchased a product that is faulty from us, please contact us quickly so we can resolve this for you. We will meet our obligations under the Consumer Rights Guarantees Act.  If you have been supplied the wrong product please contact us so we can resolve this for you. If you have chosen the wrong item and wish to return it, please contact us. We can only take items back if they are in original condition and will be subject to a re-stock fee. Auckland Camera Centre has does have a refund policy that of which we trust that customers have made the right descision prior to purchasing from us and if they change thier mind at a later date and the product is not faulty that we may decline refund on a case by case basis.


Please note: Second hand camera warranties do not include the batteries, which are sold in a as-is condition and are considered a consumable.



Auckland Camera Centre does not offer a repair service for cameras as this must be done through the manufacturer. We can in some cases arrange repair or recommend some options for older film cameras and lenses.

If a product you have purchased from us has developed a fault please contact us immediately and present the product to us within the warranty period for evaluation.


Student Discounts

Auckland Camera Centre offers student discounts in store only on the following ranges of products

  • Camera Bags 10%
  • Filters 10%
  • Memory Cards 10%
  • Analog and Digital photo paper 10%
  • Film 10%
  • Photo Chemistry 10%

A valid student ID is required and discounts can only be done in store. Student discount cannot be used on items that are already reduced in price.


Online Privacy & Security

Auckland Camera Centre does not share any gathered information from its customers with ANY third parties. None of your payment information is stored on our computers. Our payment gateway is provided by DPS Payment solutions who use SSL encryption so you always know your payment information is safe and secure.