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Motion Control Time Lapse Device

The Genie Motion Control Time Lapse Device from Syrp is ideal for creating time lapse photography or video. Small and portable, it allows both panning and linear motion control, and attaches to your standard gear. Attach the Genie to your tripod or support and then mount your camera and/or ball head weighing up to 20 kg to the 3/8"-16 stud on the top. An illuminated bubble level is built in to make it easy to set up for panoramas.

The Genie has factory presets such as Stars, People or Clouds but you can enter an unlimited amount of user presets into the Genie's memory for custom work. At maximum panning speed a 360° pan takes 5 seconds, while 39" of linear movement takes 23 seconds.

Linear time lapse can be done on a rail or on a linear support system of your own making. While the Genie comes with 9.85' of rope to pull it across the rail, the movement of your time lapse is only limited by the length of your rope. Kevlar-cored rope with lengths of 10, 50 or 100 meters are available separately.

Inputs include both USB for firmware and a sensor input. The free firmware upgrade enables bulb ramp-in and ramp-out functions and HDR (High Dynamic Range). Ramping is the process of modifying exposure settings on a camera in order to maintain a desired exposure value while the camera is in Bulb mode. This is especially valuable for transitional day into night, or night into day time lapses.

The sensor input accepts a motion, light, sound or other type of sensor to start your program. The Genie ships with both panning and sliding bases, two slider mounts, 9.85' of rope and a multi-voltage charger for its built-in battery. The Genie is compatible with approximately 130 cameras from nine major brands. Note that a camera cable must be purchased separately.


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