LEE Seven5 Seascape ND filter kit

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The LEE Filters Seven5 Seascape ND Filter Set is a versatile kit containing three 75 x 90mm Seven5 neutral density filters: hard-edged graduated neutral density 0.3 and 0.9 filters and a solid neutral density 3.0 filter.

Both of the graduated neutral density filters permit selective control over exposure and are ideal for working in conditions where only a portion of the frame requires additional exposure, such as when photographing against a bright sky. Their hard-edged design provides a clean definition between the clear and dense portions of the filter, making it well-suited to use in conditions with a prominent horizon line. The 0.3 filter provides a 1 stop reduction in exposure while the 0.9 filter reduces exposures by 3 stops. The Big Stopper solid neutral density filter helps to reduce the overall exposure of an image by 10 stops, permitting the use of wider apertures or slower shutter speeds to help convey movement or accentuate a shallow depth of field.

Each of these filters are constructed from a high quality optical resin for both imaging performance and durability. They are compatible with the Seven5 Micro Filter System, which is specifically designed for use with smaller interchangeable lens cameras. Each filter measures 3 x 3.5" / 75 x 90mm.


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