KOH Hepa Jet Air Filtered Sensor Blower

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Koh HEPA JET II - The Original and the Best.
Developed by a biomedical engineer and chemist, this is the ultimate bulb blower that ensures you blow only pure air into your sensitive equipment. Patents Pending.

Why take chances with conventional bulbs?
Conventional bulbs draw air directly from the environment with no filter. It's literally injecting concentrated air full of dust right onto your camera chamber. Dust accumulates in the sides of the chamber and eventually attaches to your sensor.

Protect Your Investment
You've spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your digital SLR camera. The eye of the camera is the sensor. Dust and humidity pose the greatest challenge to keeping the sensor clean. The Koh Hepa Jet blasts unwanted dust off the sensor without introducing dust or humidity into the camera chamber. The replaceable HEPA filter removes humidity and 99.97% of air particles. The respirator grade filter is made of antimicrobial fiberglass filaments that do not form mold, bacteria, or fungus. The pleated sheets create an enormous surface area so that air flows flows fast with low resistance, giving the HEPA JET quick bounce. Unlike single plane flat disk filters, pleated HEPA filters have longevity. Under normal use, you may never need to replace the filter. Our test model has been going strong for over three years.

The HEPA Jet has an ergonomic bulb that is made of medical grade PVC that is comfortable and hypoallergenic. It provides comfort and power. The one way check valves in the nozzle and filter make sure air flows only in one direction. Components are easily removable so they can be stored away easily inside gadget bags.

HEPA JET II - Improved upon the original and best with the HEPA JET II.

The HEPA JET II is the latest version of the HEPA JET. The sleek new design will not only knock the dust off your sensor, but also pack away easily in your accessory bag.

Features the same proprietary components as the HEPA JET I and More.
• One Way Check Valves - Proprietary feature that ensures air only moves in one direction.
• Pleated HEPA Filter - Respirator grade, antimicrobial fiberglass filaments that do not form mold or fungus.
• PVC Bulb - Oversized Hypoallergenic Medical Grade PVC bulb that is debris free.
• Electrostatic Filter - Positioned after the HEPA filter to balance uneven charges.
• Quick Bounce - Due to the enormous surface area of the pleated HEPA filter.
• Longevity - Under normal use, you may never need to replace the HEPA filter.
• Removes Humidity and 99.97% of air particulates.

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